Diving in the Southern Atolls

While slightly more developed than the northernmost atolls the Southern Atoll region, also known as the Deep South, is still much less crowded and lesser-known than the region just above it, the Central Atolls. The Southern Atolls Region is made up of Laamu Atoll, the Northern and Southern Huvadhu Atoll, Fuvahmulah Atoll and, Addu Atoll. The Deep South is known for its wilder and deeper locations as well as for having both fewer and deeper lagoons. This leads to stronger currents throughout the channels in the area which means dive clusters for more experienced divers only. The best time to go is February through to April when the weather is nicer and calmer. With the isolation and difficult diving of this area, tranquil and less windy weather is key to having an enjoyable and safe experience. It is also the best time to see one of the biggest draws to the region, the amazing array of sharks. Most trips that explore the diving locations of the Central Atolls region are around seven days long and leave from Male. Deep South trips, however, are usually 10 days long and leave from a southern atoll. With so much difficult and wild area to explore, you will need more time when you go down south.

Dive Sites in Southern Atolls

Featured places to go in Southern Atolls

Laamu Atoll

The Laamu Atoll is relatively close to the Central Atolls region and has weaker currents and better visibility than its southern neighbors

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Northern Huvadhu Atoll

The Huvadhu Atoll is broken up into a Northern and Southern region. The northern region is also known as Gaafu Alifu.

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Southern Huvadhu Atoll

The southern region of the Huvadhu Atoll is also known as Gaafu Dhaalu.

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For all the Southern Atoll region offers, the Fuvahmulah Atoll is the place that brings it all together.

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Addu Atoll

This southernmost Maldives atoll actually takes the country past the equator and into the Southern Hemisphere.

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Aquatic Life in Southern Atolls

As you go further south in the Maldives and into the deeper and warmer waters of the Indian Ocean, that means one thing. Sharks! In the Deep South of the Maldives, you will get sharks galore. You will see a huge range of shark species such as tiger sharks, silver tip and oceanic blacktip sharks, grey reef sharks, giant whale sharks, and even the occasional great hammerhead and bull sharks. You will also see the usual assortment of marine life that the rest of the Maldives is known for. Just know, they may be bigger in the deeper water down south.