Diving in North Coast

The North Coast is a unique diving destination with important dive sites such as Cuba’s capital city, Havana and the most frequently visited area of the country, as well as Jardines del Rey, an archipelago made of famous cays such as Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, and Cayo Romano, Cayo Romano, Cayo Paredon Grande, among others, and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The reef that surrounds the north coast has a great diversity of marine life; however, it’s not as spectacular as the southern coast. A wreck diver’s dream can be found here, as this place is full of both easy and advanced wreck dive sites. The north coast is also known for being one of the areas with the most abundant history of any port of call in the Caribbean. This history-rich place with healthy and vibrant reefs that can be found further east along the north coast in Jardines del Rey, which is Spanish for The King’s Gardens. Diving in the north coast you will find friendly old turtles, different shark species, parrotfish, yellowtail snappers, queenfish, moray eels, as well as many kinds of sponges and coral reefs. Diving the north coast of Cuba, you can also expect friendly encounters with wild dolphins.

Dive Sites in North Coast

Featured places to go in North Coast

Amazingly preserved cars from the 1950s, friendly people, and delicious food await you in this history-rich city, Havana.

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Jardines del Rey Archipelago

Jardines del Rey, Spanish for Gardens of the King, is an archipelago made up of tiny islands that offer amazing wreck diving.

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Aquatic Life in North Coast

Diving along the northern coast of Cuba, you’ll see unique reef formations including pinnacles, caverns, small caves, and tunnels. The marine species that inhabit these stunning reefs include large outcroppings of elk and staghorn coral, plus massive brain coral, as well as the common Caribbean reef fish species such as yellowtail snappers, queen angelfish, gray, and french angelfish, green moray eels, drum fish, trumpet fish, filefish, damselfish, and many others. Pay close attention to spot friendly turtles, tarpon, and huge groupers. Some of these areas are also famous for being home to dozens of sea lions.