Diving in New Providence

New Providence, the location of the country’s capital Nassau, is the most populated and visited of the Bahama Islands. This island has plenty of activities to enjoy. The city of Nassau is highly active with many things to see and do. Many cruise ships dock at the port of Nassau. The coastline area is filled with stunning resorts for a memorable stay. Avoid traveling during the summer months, when weather is extremely hot, and it’s also hurricane season. You will find warm weather, with water that never drops below 80º F (27ºC) from October to June, which are the best months to travel. New Providence is famous for being an important diving destination. The Western coast is filled with some of the best dive sites which include amazing spots for wall diving and thrilling shark dive areas. Beginner divers will find the perfect place to learn scuba near Nassau, where there are shallow reefs and crystal-clear waters. Access to the numerous dive sites is by speed boat. You can also expect big adventures when you are not under the sea. New Providence is home to the world-famous Atlantis Resort, which has its own aquarium, sharks that you can feed, dolphins and even a waterpark. Another place you can’t miss is downtown Nassau, which is the perfect place for duty-free shopping.

Dive Sites in New Providence

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Enjoy many adventures while diving in Nassau with many shipwrecks to explore and jaw-dropping wall dive sites.

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Aquatic Life in New Providence

New Providence is home to a great diversity of marine life. This island is full of interesting, fascinating sights. Almost every fish species of the Caribbean can be found on this island, including the parrotfish, queen angel, gray angel, French angel, trumpet, butterfly, box, drum, filefish, and many others. You can also expect to see octopus, spiny lobsters, turtles, rays, sharks, and even the invasive lionfish. You will find an excellent spot for silly shark diving only an hour from New Providence. A wide array of different coral reefs, including soft and hard corals, create a beautiful and colorful underwater world.