Diving in Musandam

Located on Oman’s far northern tip, the city of Musandam offers adventurous travelers excellent marine encounters and is the best place to experience pristine Oman diving. The United Arab Emirates actually separates the Musandam Peninsula from the rest of Oman. The easiest way to access this secluded area is by flying into the Dubai International Airport and then driving a short 1.5 hours to Dibba Port in Musandam. There are a handful of dive operators in the area, offering Oman diving experiences from day trips to multi-day liveaboards. Speedboats take divers out on daily dive trips, and longer liveaboard trips are on traditional Omani dhows, both of which were purposely built for scuba diving. Musandam offers breathtaking views where the vast mountains drop into the endless sea. This area’s dive trips are suitable for divers and snorkelers of all levels, as well as leisure-seekers who want to get away from the buzz of city life and take part in a serene and relaxing experience. The strong currents found here bring in nutrient-rich waters, attracting a vast array of Oman marine life which provide divers with incredible underwater encounters. The hard and soft coral-covered reefs act as a colorful backdrop to patrolling reef sharks, eagle rays, green sea turtles, and massive whale sharks. Scuba diving in Oman never disappoints.

Dive Sites to visit in Musandam

Wildlife Encounters in Musandam

Divers and snorkelers will be treated to an abundance of sea life when diving in Musandam. Due to the extreme seclusion of this area, the reefs are practically untouched and thriving. Thanks to the nutrient-rich waters, there is a wide variety of soft and hard corals, massive schools of reef fish, and several large fish like tuna, king fish, and barracudas. You will see different ray species and green sea turtles on almost every dive. Unique to this area are juvenile whale sharks, which congregate here nearly all year round but most frequently during the warmer months of March through October.