Diving in Calabria

If you like the idea of diving reefs, caves and vertical cliffs and exploring amazing wrecks, then Calabria is the place to go in Italy. This region in Southern Italy makes up the “toe of the boot” shape that Italy is known for, rests on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and Ionian Seas. The capital of the region is Catanzaro, but the older and more well-known city, for divers especially, is Reggio Calabria at the very tip of the boot. Located on the strait between the Italian mainland and Sicily, it is known for its beautiful seaside areas, a mix of white-sand beaches and craggy coastline. Here there are strong currents but that ensures a diversity of marine animals thrive in these clear waters. There are also plenty of wrecks to explore and it’s possible to do shore dives right off the beach. In Calabria you will also enjoy wonderful cuisine with meat and pasta dishes but the most interesting aspect of the Calabrian cuisine is their emphasis on preservation. They are known to pack meats and fish in olive oil and are famous for their cured sausages. Like most of Italy, the region has a rich wine tradition and locals believe Calabrian wines is the best in the world.

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Scilla and Costa Viola

Costa Viola is a stretch of coastline in Reggio Calabria where the waters lead to the Aeolian Islands.

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Aquatic Life in Calabria

This region is very famous for its local swordfish, both in a diving capacity and because they are commercially fished and make the perfect addition to local cuisine. In fact, there is even a Swordfish Festival that takes place at the beginning of August every year. In addition to swordfish, you can find tuna, scorpion fish and spider crabs in the region. There are also so many striking rock formations here, from caves to pinnacles, where you will be able to enjoy amazing geology and get a look at interesting organisms like the shrub starfish.