Wildlife Logbook - The new MySSI App Feature

When jumping into the water, every diver hopes to experience a fantastic, unforgettable dive filled with beautiful underwater creatures. We are excited to announce that you can now keep all of these memories alive by entering each of these wildlife sightings into your digital logbook.

How does the wildlife feature works?

  1. Choose "Divelog" in the MySSI App menu.
  2. Click on the red button in the lower right corner to log a new dive.
  3. Fill in all of the important information about your dive.
  4. Click on the "Select Animals" feature to log all of the wildlife you saw during your dive. Under "Suggestions" you will find a list of animals that have already been logged at that site several times by other users, making your search easier. You can always add other animals not listed as well.
  5. The top of the page will show how many animals you have selected. Click on "Add XY Animals" to register all of the animals you listed and/or chose for this dive.
Please note: Depending on whether this dive site is saved as freshwater or saltwater, the user will get the corresponding wildlife list to choose from.

Other new features

The new version of the MySSI app will also allow the user to submit dive site descriptions and pictures to their logged dive sites. When submitting an image, the rights to SSI must be assigned.

How does it work?

  1. Clicking on the dive site opens the overview page for that dive site.
  2. The user can then enter a new dive site description or modify the existing one.
  3. In addition, the user can upload images of the dive site (with assignment of all image rights).

You don't have the MySSI app on your smartphone yet?

Click here, download the free MySSI app and experience the many great features in the app.
We wish you amazing dives with many great wildlife sightings during this season!
Enter wildlife sightings to your logbook