DiveAssure’s Dive Leader Partner Program

Written by Tal Tamir/ Co-written by Elizabeth Langenberg

Diving is an exhilarating and breathtaking activity that has captured the hearts of many. For diving professionals, such as dive masters and instructors, it is not only a passion but a way of life. Diving professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the diving community, and now, with DiveAssure’s Dive Leader Partner (DLP) program, they can also earn some extra cash while doing so.

A Simple and Easy Referral Process for Professionals

The DLP program is designed specifically for diving professionals, providing them with an opportunity to refer their clients and students to DiveAssure’s comprehensive accident and travel insurance plans. By participating in the program, diving professionals can rest assured that they are keeping their fellow divers protected while also earning generous fees for each successful referral.

The diving industry is a vibrant and exciting field, with new divers and enthusiasts joining the community every day. As a diving professional, you have a unique opportunity to educate your clients and students on the importance of diving insurance. By spreading the word about DiveAssure’s insurance plans, you’re not only looking out for their well-being but also setting a shining example of what it means to be a responsible diver.

DiveAssure offers a range of insurance plans designed specifically for divers, including the DiveSafe plan and the Dive&Travel plans. The DiveSafe plan provides comprehensive medical coverage locally and abroad, with no depth limit or mixed gas restrictions. The Dive&Travel plans offer all-encompassing protection for divers, including coverage for diving accidents, medical expenses, trip cancellations and interruptions, lost baggage and diving gear, and even compensation for lost diving days and special coverage for liveaboard trips. Whether your clients are newbies or frequent travelers to remote diving havens, DiveAssure has options to fit their needs.

Financial Benefits for Professionals and SSI Training Centers

Joining the DLP program is a short and simple process. Once you sign up, an account will be opened for you, and you’ll be able to refer your divers to DiveAssure through a simple QR code. By recommending DiveAssure to your divers, you will earn 2.5% referral fees on all successful registrations, including your SSI students who received the automatic StartDive coverage.

The DLP program not only benefits diving professionals but also their affiliated SSI Dive Centers. By promoting DiveAssure’s insurance plans as a DLP, your dive center can benefit from full fees on all sales made by DLPs within their employment, including automatic sales generated from StartDive upgrades.

In addition to the financial benefits of the DLP program, diving professionals can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their clients and students are protected. Diving accidents can happen, and without proper insurance, the consequences can be devastating. By recommending DiveAssure’s insurance plans, you’re not only fulfilling your responsibility as a diving professional but also protecting the well-being of your clients and students.

Encouraging a Culture of Responsibility and Safety in the Diving Community

But the benefits of the DLP program don’t end there. By recommending DiveAssure’s insurance plans, you’re also securing your reputation as a knowledgeable and responsible professional. Your clients and students will appreciate your commitment to their safety, and they’re likely to return to you for future diving adventures.

As a diving professional, your knowledge and experience are valuable assets to the diving community. By joining the DLP program, you can share your expertise and promote the importance of diving insurance. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of your clients and students, ensuring their safety while also boosting your earnings.

In conclusion, DiveAssure’s DLP program is an innovative opportunity for diving professionals to ensure the safety of the diving community while also earning some extra cash by recommending DiveAssure’s comprehensive accident and travel insurance.