No Water, no problem - Online Final Exams available for all digital Specialty Kits

All Recreational Diving and Freediving Specialty as well as Ecology Kits, which SSI provides Student Training Materials for, have been upgraded to now include the option for an Online Final Exams. This makes virtual classroom training and the certification process much easier. Online final exams are available for the following courses:
  1. Boat Diving
  2. Coral Identification
  3. Deep Diving
  4. Dive Guide
  5. Diver Stress And Rescue
  6. Equipment Techniques
  7. Enriched Air Nitrox
  8. Fish Identification
  9. Manta and Ray Ecology
  10. Marine Ecology
  11. Monofin (Freediving)
  12. Navigation
  13. Night and Limited Visibility
  14. Perfect Buoyancy
  15. Photo And Video
  16. React Right (3 exams - First Aid/CPR, AED, O2 Provider)
  17. Science of Diving
  18. Sea Turtle Ecology
  19. Search And Recovery
  20. Shark Ecology
  21. Sidemount Diving
  22. Wreck Diving (2 exams - Wreck, Advanced Wreck)
Training Process Details for online final exams:
  • At a minimum, students must be certified Open Water Divers or equivalent from a recognized training agency to enroll in an SSI Specialty Program, except for the Ecology programs which have no prerequisites.
  • Students taking the Online Final Exam must achieve 100% to pass and can perform multiple attempts until a 100% passing grade is achieved. Whereas, in a classroom setting, students must obtain a minimum passing grade of 80%. Each student mustĀ  participate in a review session with an SSI Instructor to review and discuss any missed questions until students achieve full comprehension.
  • For programs requiring additional training, the Training Center and the student need to schedule the practical application and/or in-water training sessions for a future date.
While these are unprecedented times, SSI continues to do everything possible to support our members and keep divers engaged and active through this time of confined mobility. imageĀ©istock/AzmanL