Mission Deep Blue Becomes Blue Oceans

Since its release in November 2018, we have received a lot of positive feedback on our Mission Deep Blue program. The number of students enrolled in the Mission Deep Blue program is increasing daily. We are proud that so many people live the philosophy and help to make a difference in saving the environment we all care for! Thank you for all your support!

From Mission Deep Blue to Blue Oceans - Now we need your help even more!

Due to licensing issues, we cannot continue using the name Mission Deep Blue. This is unfortunate, as many SSI Training Centers, SSI Professionals, and students around the world use and share this name and philosophy. But we will not lose sight of our goal and will continue to fight for our ocean and its inhabitants. The new name BLUE OCEANS represents this goal. We cannot allow that in a few years the ocean … …is home to more garbage than marine life. …has more bleached coral reefs than colorful ones. …has even fewer incredible underwater creatures. …still has to deal with ghost nets or overfishing. …Loses sharks, an apex predator, as they became extinct due to finning. Please help us to make the new name known worldwide so that the BLUE OCEANS program continues to be successful and the ocean becomes a healthy ecosystem once again. Only the name is changing; the idea and concept behind it stay the same. The following facts should be noted: ·         The new website address will be BlueOceans.world ·         Please use #blueoceans and @blueoceansprogram for social media posts ·         The digital card will change automatically in MySSI We are looking forward to a new era of BLUE OCEANS with you and are extremely grateful for your support! BO_C-Card