Maldives: German Maritime Museum supports the reintroduction of coral

Training of Maldivians to become "Coral gardeners"

From March 9 to 24, 2019, the German Maritime Museum Stralsund is again undertaking a project trip to the Maldives. The reason for this is the environmental education campaign "Coral Doctors", initiated in 2015, which aims to support Maldivians in their protection efforts with coral reefs.

The project team consists of Nicole Kube from the German Maritime Museum and Pablo Montoto from the Zoo Aquarium Madrid together. Both aquarium curators bring their know-how about the proliferation of corals for a resettlement. The experts from Torsten and Yamila Krussk from the Förderverein Deutsches Meeresmuseum e. V., who at the time gave the suggestion to start the project.

On the itinerary are the Maldives islands Maafushi, Rashdoo and Ukulhas, where Maldivians are trained to become "coral gardeners" in multi-day workshops. Students will first learn more about the biology of coral and why it is important to preserve and protect reefs. In conjunction with this, facts will be communicated to future tourist information events and to other locals, such as the need for sustainable waste and wastewater disposal.

In addition to the theory, practice units underwater are planned. "In our workshops, we show the Maldivians how they can even plant coral gardens in the sea on their doorstep. Our project is only a small contribution - but at least a beginning. Therefore, we are currently limited specifically to cooperation with locals in the Maldives" explained Nicole Kube.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ing. Nicole Kube, activities of the "Coral Doctors" already took place 2015 and 2016 in the Maldives.