SSI wishes you happy holidays

As we wrap up 2022 and prepare to ring in the New Year, reflecting on the past 12 months is always good practice. To pause and appreciate every accomplishment and to evaluate what needs improving. SSI has accomplished much this year, and we are very excited to bring more innovation to the dive industry in 2023. However, we know our success in 2022 was largely due to our partnership with you, our valued Training Centers, Pros, and SSI divers. 

With an attitude of thankfulness, we look back at the amazing things we have accomplished together in 2022 to make SSI the best in the industry. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Updating the MySSI App and Event Calendar. Both enable you to stay connected to all of your affiliated customers by publishing training dates and events in the MySSI Event Calendar.
  • Introducing Digital Training Records to make daily work easier to administrate and reduce printed paper to protect the environment. Our updated auto-emails will link to the digital training records so your customer can complete all their documents from their computer at home.
  • Launching various new and updated programs like SSI Explorers (formerly Scuba Rangers), Marine Mammal Ecology, Freediving Level 1, and even more to support training sales.
  • Executing several promotional campaigns like Nitrox for everybody to improve business and Dive Local (coming soon) to direct customers who learned to dive abroad to their local Training Center.

In addition to these new products and programs, you have helped SSI reach some fantastic milestones in the world of social media and marketing. Thanks to your support, we have broadened our reach to a much wider audience over the last year. 

Here are some of the numbers that we could not have reached without your support:

  • More than 300k new registered users every year, equaling a 20% growth rate
  • 50% or new users are registered directly through SSI Training Centers. The rest are self-registrations through the MySSI App (20%) and directly on the website (25%)
  • 7 million potential customers yearly visiting
  • Expansion of MyDiveGuide to 800 destination pages and 150 wildlife pages in many different languages
  • 1 million fans following SSI on our various Social Media channels
  • 12 million emails sent to support Training Centers and Pros to draw new customers
  • 55% email open rate (typically 26%) and 17% email click rate (typically 3%)
  • 2 million logged dives in 2022
  • 5000 confirmed dives in the SSI logbook and on MyDiveGuide
  • 500,000 currently active SSI App users

At SSI, we have one goal – to help our Training Centers and Pros fill their schedule with SSI programs, events and trips, and to help divers and potential divers get connected to these active Training Centers and Pros. Over the last 2.5 years, we have sponsored more than 100,000 freed Digital Kids to keep you and your divers active and connected. That translates to $7 million in retail value! SSI has already done more in this regard than any other Training Agency, and we are committed to going even further in 2023.

We appreciate your business and look forward to creating a successful 2023 season together. 

SSI wishes you, your family, and your friends Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year, and all the best for 2023!