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Ranger Station Code* - Responsible Dive Business Operation

Active Environmental Protection

  • Instructors and Dive Guides are role models and act accordingly

  • Boat Captains are specially trained to ensure no damage is done to the underwater world by the vessel, ropes or lines

  • Divers will be assisted during entry and exit procedures to prevent damages

  • Boats and engines are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure proper function, conserve gas and limit exhaust

  • Mooring use is mandatory and anchoring forbidden

  • Clean-ups are regularly organized above and below the surface

  • No dives are conducted it dive sites under adverse conditions when harm to the environment is possible

  • National Park rules, laws and environmental regulations will be always respected

  • Divers will be qualified with a commitment to quality and skills

  • Beginners classes will be conducted at special selected Dive Sites to avoid damages to the underwater environment

  • Checkout dives will be conducted with a special focus on the Buoyancy Skills

  • Marine wildlife will not be fed and always respected

  • All divers will be informed about the OCEAN RANGER Code in all Dive Center/Dive Resort briefings