36.9667, 27.4921

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South Point

On the south end side of the Black Island, a very protected bay is popular for divers. Three different dive options. Left side is good for OW & AOW divers. Right side is good for entry level divers. Inside the bay a very shallow sandy bottom is ideal for training. Only bad when south wind is blowing. Boat traffic!

There is a hidden reef away from the bay and only suitable for experienced divers. Starts from 20m and drops down to 55+m. Amazing marine life, A must see dive point! Ideal for XR dives


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app



  • Kezdő
  • Haladó
  • Tapasztalt


  • Extended Range (XR)


  • Hajó

Víz típusa

  • Tenger


  • közepes

Maximális mélység

  • 40m


  • 38m
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