9.6810, 123.5091

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Mambaje Wall

A nice coral dive with gorgonias in the deep. In 26 meter a group of white deep sea corals, they alone are a visit worth, we have no other place in the visayas where we saw them too. if your dive will lead you too much to the south you cannot visit them. Dont go early to the shallow, because Storm Pablo was there.

Turtles, and the reeffishes, as well as bigger guys if you are lucky. in the flat season you can sometimes see whalesharks in the shallow and reefsharks in the deeper part


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app



  • Kezdő




  • Hajó

Víz típusa

  • Tenger


  • nem

Maximális mélység

  • 26m


  • 20m
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