9.6908, 123.5099

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Kuransoy Wall

Mostly you dive there while hightide and than left shoulder to the north. Starting at a crack you will descent up to 27 meters where the wall ends in grava and coral rubble. There start your hunt for nudibranches in different vary through the year. Its a great place for Macro and Muck and a beautiful wall.

Kuransoy is filipino and means Snail. Depending on the time, season, tide and other attraction of the nudibranches, you can see lots of different ones there.


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app


  • Fal/leszakadás
  • Makró élőhely


  • Kezdő
  • Haladó
  • Tapasztalt




  • Hajó

Víz típusa

  • Tenger


  • mérsékelt

Maximális mélység

  • 19m


  • 10m
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