Diving in Wales

Wales is a country that is not only part of the UK, but physically part of Great Britain as well. It sits on the Irish Sea and the Bristol Channel. There are around 3 million people who call Wales home and it has a total area of 20,779 square kilometers (8,023 square miles). One of the things that makes Wales such a great diving destination is that it boasts more than 2,700 kilometers (1,680 miles) of coastline. There are many good dive locations around the country, including Anglesey and Pembrokeshire. Along this varied coast you will find a dazzling array of marine life with everything from coral carpets to steep walls providing homes for crabs, lobsters and conger eels, while everything from salmon to brittlestars can also be spotted. Look carefully and you’ll see shots of color from the tiny nudibranch, while reefs provide plenty of points of interest too. With strong tides and currents you can enjoy some fantastic drift dives, while boulders pinnacles and sand dunes create some beautiful underwater scenery. In beautiful Pembrokeshire you can see seals and puffins and dive straight off white-sand beaches. Other fish include wrasse, dogfish and Pollock and you can even see swaying pink seafans.

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Anglesey is one of the best places to dive not only in Wales but in the whole United Kingdom region

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Aquatic Life in Wales

When talking about underwater life in Wales, it ironically does not include any actual whales! There are however some very cool creatures to see in this region. You can spot many other large creatures in this area from blue sharks to dolphins to the rarer cat-shark along with sunfish, rays, octopus, lobsters, conger eels, crabs, starfish and a whole lot more. You also see much of this area’s standard marine life fare with the abundance of species like pollock, prawns, cuckoo wrasse, and crabs, which are very common here.