Diving in Southern Germany

Often described as resembling a Disney fairy tale, Southern Germany’s picturesque landscape includes many of the most famous sites in Germany, from the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps, the Danube, as well as a number of historical castles, and alpine lakes. Southern Germany would roughly correspond to anywhere that speaks the Upper German dialects, which is not particularly helpful to foreign divers. However, geographically, this would include Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and occasionally the small south-west region of Saarland, together with southern parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, and Hesse. Though not known for its diving internationally, its stunning lakes and meandering rivers are dotted among its “Mittelgebirge” (mid-range mountains), dense greenery, rolling hills, and lush terrain. Divers should have no problem navigating its dive sites and it is well worth visiting Lake Constance, the second largest freshwater lake in Western Europe and a jewel for divers within the region. With its diverse marine life, varied flora, and a few interesting wrecks, it should not be missed. Whether you want to spot freshwater fish such as trout, perch and zander, or enjoy clear alpine waters with exceptional visibility points of interest such as fallen trees, Southern Germany makes for an unexpectedly enjoyable diver spot.

Dive Sites in Southern Germany

Featured places to go in Southern Germany


Lake Walchen, or Walchensee in German, is one of the largest, deepest and most beautiful alpine lakes in Germany

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Echinger Weiher

The Echinger Weiher is a small lake within a nature reserve and offers divers perfect conditions for year-round diving.

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Starnberger See

Starnberger See, or Lake Strnberger is a anything but an eyesore and presents an ideal site for divers.

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Bodensee/Lake Constance

Lake Constance, or Bodensee is a popular lake on the Rhine and the second largest freshwater lake in Western Europe.

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Aquatic Life in Southern Germany

If you’re interested in marine life, Southern Germany should not disappoint. Whether you fancy an underwater botany expedition, a spot of fish diving, or just observing from a far, there is much to sample depending on your location. With an exhaustive list of underwater species of fauna, (Lake Constance has over 40), hungry divers will be planning their meals for days. These include salmon, trout, grayling, eel, coregonus carps, trout, perch, bream, catfish, pike-perch, sturgeon, barbell, tench, char, pink, and carp. The underwater landscape, including the flora, is also rather impressive. Southern Germany boasts some interesting rock formations, caves, submerged forests, shipwrecks, and even some aircraft, cars and buildings.