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The Republic of Palau is an archipelago of over 200 stunningly picturesque tropical islands. This country is part of the Micronesia region of the western Pacific Ocean and has most of its 21,000 residents living on the main island of Koror and sharing an interesting history. Palau is a culture-rich country; Philippine migrants initially settled it, and it has been occupied and ruled by Germans, Japanese, and it ended in American hands during WWII; Palau now governs itself as a republic in free association with the United States of America. Diving in the crystalline waters of Palau and around the islands you can still see remnants of the war and impressive shipwrecks.

Palau is an archipelago famous amongst divers for its liveaboard diving. This country has over 500 islands and is a ‘bucket list’ diving destination named as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” Some of the must-visit dive sites in Palau are the Blue Corner and the German Channel; these two dive sites are challenging to reach via day-boat charter, so you will need a couple of extra days in your trip. Divers who are serious about experiencing the crystalline waters and the beautiful underwater world of Palau should opt to book a 7-10-night liveaboard excursion. Palau has a diversity of marine life like nowhere else on earth; it has over 1,300 different species of reef fish, 550 species of coral, and a long list of large pelagics that come to feed in these nutrient-rich waters.

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Visibility in Palau can be astounding allowing divers to see more underwater life than they ever thought possible in a single dive.

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