Diving in Cuba

It’s never been a better time to visit Cuba now that its borders have begun to open up. As soon as you arrive in Cuba, you will feel like you have stepped into a travel machine due to its architecture, colorful buildings, and old classic cars. You will meet some of the friendliest people in this place. This is also a unique diving destination you must visit.

To the south of Florida, U.S.A., you will find the largest of the Caribbean Islands, Cuba. If you are looking for a diving destination that is not crowded, Cuba is the ideal place. Dive into the waters of this island to find the very healthy and full of life southern reefs. This isn’t a diving destination as popular as the rest of the Caribbean, so you won’t find a lot of dive stores. A relaxing vacation with awe-inspiring landscapes is waiting for you. Make sure you visit Jardines de la Reina, considered by many as the Galapagos of the Caribbean.

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South Coast

Cuba’s south coast is filled with many different dive sites from world-famous Jardines de Reina to countless islands and reefs.

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The North Coast is a unique diving destination with important dive sites such as Havana and the most frequently visited area Jardines del Rey.

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