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Home to Rubens and Klimt, Mozart and Strauss, Austria is a master of the arts, whether that be paintings or classical music. Grand palaces crown sophisticated cities, from Vienna to Salzburg, and the whole country is dominated by the Austrian Alps, home to the country’s national flower, the edelweiss, and its highest peak, Grossglockner, standing proud at 3,798 meters (12,460ft). There are also thousands of lakes in Austria, scenic pools of sapphire and emerald that become beautiful centers of activity in summer with swimming and a whole range of water sports, including diving.

Austria has no coastline and is perhaps more famous for its dramatic mountains, lush meadows and elegant cities. However, this beautiful country also makes for a great diving destination, thanks in no small part to its glittering alpine lakes. There are strict environmental regulations that make these wonderful lakes pristine locations for divers, both beginner and advanced – among some of the cleanest in Europe. Emerald lakes that serve as pretty backdrops to mountain skiing in winter, come into their own as soon as the snow thaws. Here you can expect amazing visibility in the glassy water, with plants and bountiful fish as well as manmade points of interest.

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Steiermark is considered to have one of the most photogenic underwater dive sites of the Alps, with the Steiermark’s Green Lake .

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The Austrian lakes are not only a great backdrop for hikes or fresh for freshwater swimming, they get even more interesting below the surface.

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Kärnten is indeed an amazing scuba diving paradise for divers in Austria.

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Burgenland is famous for vineyards striping the landscape and also a beautiful holiday destination that is also great for diving.

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The underwater life here at Niederösterreich is typical of that found in dive-friendly Austria.

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Salzburger Land

Salzburger Land also makes for a great diving destination – and one of the best diving hot spots in Austria.

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In Oberösterreich, the lakes promise a mix of biological, archaeological and geological wonders, making every dive interesting.

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