Oman: The Mimosa wreck

A very special kind of wreck

The maximum depth for a dive to the Mimosa wreck is only 15 meters. Ideal for both beginners and advanced divers. Numerous shoals of fish and marine life hide between the broken pieces of wood. Macrofans and photographers will also get their money's worth on the wreck. Rare nudibranchs in bright colors, shrimp and big porcupinefish live here. If you take your time, you can even discover filigree Macropodia rostrata (common spider crabs). Torpedinidae and Stingrays hide on the sandy ground next to the wreck.

In general, diving in Oman is something special: masses of fish, a very special underwater scenery and few tourists. The Mimosa wreck is an absolute insider tip in the waters of Oman and is currently being offered exclusively to guests of the Extra Divers divecenter in Sifah. The Mimosa Wreck is located in the diving area of Ras Abou Daud and is only half an hour's trip from the dive center.

But not only the wreck is worth a tour. With a bit of luck, even leopard sharks and mola molas can be seen at the fish-rich dive sites. In the autumn months, whale sharks are spotted here very often.
If you need something else than diving, you can take various land tours, such as the Wadi Shab tour. Run through gorges and swim in natural pools or explore the capital Muscat by night - Oman is good for a few surprises.