Surf Ride Underwater

Hoover Get 'Hoovered' Into Oceanic Abyss It was supposed to be another dive trip at Nakalele Point in Maui. Our troop of divers and photographers went about their business, peeking into the nooks and crannies looking for the Perfect Shot. Among them was John Hoover, professional underwater photographer and author of The Ultimate Guide To Hawaiian Reef Fishes. With underwater camera in hand, no doubt he was looking for the money shot featuring one of the fishes swimming around him. Although engrossed in this task, he noticed something looming off the next ridge. Clouds of sediment were ballooning and getting larger by the second. The atmosphere had suddenly turned ominous; but, being the professional that he was, Hoover decided to get a couple of shots for posterity before high-tailing out of there. Well, our brave photographer got his shots, but those clouds certainly weren't going to let him off without a tango. Suddenly, Hoover found himself sucked (dare we say it – hoovered?) into the abyss of the clouds, powerless in his attempt to flee. Within seconds, the clouds closed in on him and he is pulled away from our sight. But do not despair, dear readers. Our hero has survived, surfacing 50 yards away to the north four minutes later; he was alive and none the worse for this ordeal. No doubt we shall see him in these parts very soon, with eager camera again ever at the ready. Youtube link: