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Gunten Bad

This dive site offers something for everyone, from beginners to tech divers. Access to the Guntenbad is via the stairs. Up to 15m sloping terrain, after that step by step steep wall > 50m. Diving ban from mid-May to mid-September due to bathing season.

Depending on the season and time of day you can see everything the lake has to offer. Especially in the upper area where there are various trees and seagrasses.


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app


  • 湖泊


  • Advanced


  • Extended Range (XR)
  • 水肺


  • Shore/Beach

Body of Water

  • 淡水


  • no
  • moderate

Maximum Depth

  • 29m


  • 8m
This data is provided by divers logging their dives in the mySSI App
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Freshwater Fishes


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