Aquatic life under our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams is amazing! From microscopic zooplankton to the largest animal on earth, the blue whale, underwater life comes in all possible shapes and sizes. With 71% of the earth being covered with water, it is no wonder we are so fascinated with what lies beneath the surface. In fact, scientists estimate that there are nearly 1 million different species of aquatic animals. Freshwater ecosystems are home mainly to fish, invertebrates, and reptiles, whereas the ocean contains a wide array of marine life including fish, mollusks, crustaceans, reptiles, sharks, and marine mammals like whales, dolphins, seals, and manatees.

Whether you are an experienced scuba diver, new snorkeler, or have only seen the underwater world through photographs, you know how awe-inspiring the underwater world can be; full of color, beauty, and life. With so much underwater life to explore it can be hard to choose which species to set out to find first. By exploring our vast underwater wildlife database we hope to help you learn more about these amazing aquatic creatures. So dive in and explore fun facts and where you can find your favorite aquatic animals now!

IMAGE © Alamy/Wildestanimal

Killer Whale / Orca

IMAGE © Tobias Friedrich

Bottlenose Dolphin

IMAGE © iStock/Vladoskan

Great White Shark

IMAGE © iStock

Silky Shark

IMAGE © iStock/Divepic

Giant Pacific Manta

IMAGE © iStock-ShaneGross

Loggerhead Sea Turtle