Great news! Dive businesses are finally re-opening and diving is becoming accessible again. At SSI, we want to help plan your next adventure. Check out our global travel-map showing restrictions and recommendations for your next diving trip! The pages will be only available in English, because all data will be updated 24/7.

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Diving in France is as varied as it comes. Experienced divers will enjoy the thrill of diving the cold, rough waters of the English Channel and Bay of Biscay in hunt of the magnificent basking shark and where there is no shortage of WWII wrecks. For warmer, crystal-clear water, head to the posh Frech Riviera on the Mediterranian Sea, where the diving is as sophisticated as the cuisine. Enjoy reefs that house conger eels, lobster, shrimp, octopus, many fish, and nudibranchs of every color. If it is pristine coral reefs thriving with tropical marine life in clear, warm waters you are looking for, make the trek to French Polynesia for some of the world’s most relaxed diving and beautiful beaches. Diving in France is an experience unlike any other.
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