Extended Range Sidemount Instructor

Love sidemount diving? Want to develop your diving career and enjoy global job opportunities? Become an SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor! Get certified as a Sidemount Instructor and help others discover the benefits and exhilaration of sidemount diving.

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Facts and Training Standards

The SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor course provides all you need to conduct the SSI Extended Range Sidemount program. Once certified, you can teach both the Recreational Sidemount and Extended Range Sidemount programs. Share the benefits of sidemount diving with other divers and teach them how to use multiple stage cylinders effectively.

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Minimum Age for Participation 18
Certification Prerequisites Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Academic Sessions 4
Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions 1
Amount of Open Water Dives 1
Maximum Training Depth 40m / 130ft
Suggested Duration of the Training Program 16 h
Progam is available for those configurations Sidemount

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