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XR Instructor Programs

Now that you have moved beyond recreational diving with Extended Range, there is more!

You can choose between Multi Gas Diving Programs (Technical Extended Ranges) or Overhead Environment Programs (Technical Wreck Diving or Cave Diving). Then you need to acquire diving and training experience to qualify for the higher rating(s).

The SSI Extended Range Instructor Programs require a certification at diver level plus adequate diving experience in the area you want to qualify for.

Extended Range Instructor

Start teaching divers to be full ‘Technical Divers’ with Twinsets and Trimix to 45m. This program focuses on trim and supreme buoyancy. Emergency and rescue skills are also a core focus.

Technical Extended Range Instructor

We are starting to get really serious now. Full unlimited decompression to 60m with multiple stage cylinders. Some of the worlds best dives are now opening up, divers will see you as a mentor from this level.

Hypoxic Trimix Instructor

Want to make explorers as well as divers? The Hypoxic Trimix program is limited to 100m during training but divers can push their limits slowly after certification. You will be their guide.

Technical Wreck Instructor

Tech Wreck will train you the full penetration of wrecks giving you the time to explore the artifacts of ship. You need to be qualified as an Extended Range Instructor and be certified in Technical Wreck Diving. In addition you need proof of experience of 100 tech wreck dives and attend the equivalent Training Course.

Cave and Full Cave Diving Instructor

Safety is the number one concern, teach confidence as a Cave Instructor and train penetrations on a single line with basic navigation in caves.
Full Cave is the highest level of OHE, allowing you to train divers to penetrate deep into caves. You need to be qualified as an Extended Range Instructor and be certified in Full Cave Diving, provide proof of experience of 100 cave dives and attend the Full Cave ITC with a XR Instructor Trainer.