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SCUBA is good for You!

diveSSI Image: scuba_for_you_02Scuba isn’t just a luxury sport—people are finding that it is actually therapeutic, both physically and mentally. There may be more than just “fun” that will justify your future scuba diving lessons and vacations: how about stress relief, aerobic activity, and meditation?

Swimming is an excellent way to stay fit. Without causing strain or impact on your joints and bones, you can tone muscle, get an aerobic workout, and be active for hours without fatigue. In order to begin diving, you need to have a certain capacity for aerobic activity. Scuba diving lessons are the perfect way to work up to swimming for longer periods of time. And once you’ve started diving, you’ll improve rapidly.

But perhaps the most important health improvement that will come from scuba diving lessons and trips is increased mental health. There is an unparalleled peace underwater—in fact you’ll find it hard to think about anything but the wonders of this world when you’re surrounded by exotic marine species, multi-colored corals, and silvery sands. In this way, scuba can serve as a kind of meditation, which has been proven to relieve stress and improve mental health.

Families and relationships can benefit from scuba. Diving lessons for couples are a unique way to spend more stress-free time together. Plan a family vacation where diving together is a focus, and feel the bonds between family members grow. Because scuba is an activity everyone can enjoy – kids, women, and men – it’s a great way to unify a group.

Finally, scuba is SAFE. With the training you’ll receive from SSI certified instructors, dive centers, and resorts, you and your loved ones will be prepared for anything. You’ll be well-informed on all of the elements of safe diving, and have enough practice underwater to be comfortable with proper diving techniques and protocol. See our Safety & Quality section for more on smart and safe diving.

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