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Scuba Diving Course Defined

diveSSI Image: ot02Many of you may be wondering what we mean when we talk about an SSI Scuba Diving Course. Terminology in a dive center for an initial diving course is Open Water Diver so when you hear someone discuss their Open Water classes they are talking about their Level 1 Scuba Diving Class. To become a certified Scuba Diver this is the class you want to sign up for.

An Open Water Diver course consists of academics (you completed online—these can also be done in a classroom if you prefer), pool training and open water sessions (going out in the actual open water like in a lake or the ocean). The SSI Dive Center you choose will have a variety of class times and course fees available to fit your schedule. You can pick what best fits both your time and financial situation.

The course you pay for will include an SSI Training Kit that includes SSI course materials (a DVD, Training Supplement, and log book).

Other items that will need to be purchased include a mask, fins and snorkel. It is best to purchase these items at your dive center to make sure you are getting quality equipment they can service for you.

As you reach the time to complete your Open Water dives it is also recommended you purchase your own Total Diving System — don’t worry we will fill you in on what this includes during academics. Again, we recommend you purchase these items from your dive center because they can assure you are getting quality products and they will be able to service them for you if anything goes wrong. Hopefully this is enough information to let you know what you can expect during and after you have completed this online course.

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