Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor

Share the thrill of Extended Range wreck diving. Become a wreck dive instructor! If you dream of exploring iconic wrecks worldwide and enhancing your SSI Professional career, this is the best way to do it!

Your SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor certification will allow you to certify new, advanced and Extended Range wreck divers. Get started now!

Факты и стандарты обучения

The SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor course provides the skills and knowledge you need to teach and certify new, advanced and Extended Range wreck divers. This exciting course is the best way to become a certified Wreck Diving Instructor and teach at dream locations around the world.

Start your wreck diving instructor adventures now!

Минимальный возраст для участия 18
Требования к студентам для участия в курсе Не применимо / не обязательно
Количество академических сессий 4
Количество сессий в бассейне / закрытой воде 1
Максимальная глубина во время обучения 40m / 130ft

Become an SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor


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