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Get in touch with the organization that has built the first online diver network, is represented in more than 2.400 Dive Centers and Dive Resorts in more than 110 countries and provides unparalleled support systems online as well as through more than 30 Service Centers worldwide.

SSI is happy to answer any questions you have about our training programs, Dive Center and Dive Resort locations, and the benefits our affiliates receive from being part of the Scuba Schools International organization. Please contact us with specific questions relating to your SSI login, the functions of this website, and any general questions pertaining to SSI services and programs.

 SSI USA & Canada
 2619 Canton Court
 CO 80525-4 Ft.Collins
 Tel.: +1 (0) 970 - 482-0883


Please Click Here for a List of SSI USA & Canada contacts
You may also want to contact us about the quality of your training through our regularly monitored form system. After filling this questionnaire, you decide if you want to send your feedback to SSI only, to the Dive Center only or to all parties involved in your training.
Whether you learn how to scuba dive, continue your training, or get certified as an instructor or dealer with SSI, you will reap the rewards for years to come.