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16.02.2017: SSI EMEA - Germany

Explore the SSI blog!

diveSSI Image: DEFAULT IMAGE In 2016 we launched our new SSI blog.

Have you seen the new SSI blog?

In 2016 we launched our blog where you can keep up with all the latest happenings from the world of SSI! Conservation, courses, discoveries, dive life- all this and more!

As well as writers from the SSI Team, we also have guest bloggers from the world of marine research, professional divers and instructors from all over the globe.

As a small suggestion, we introduce you briefly two new blog articles:

How whales can save the polar bears

Many scientific studies show that healthy whale populations are being affected by climate change however, the absence of these “ecosystem engineers” would have unimagined consequences for our planet. Whales help to reduce carbon dioxide content together with more here.

Expedition to Antartica's glaciers

How has alternating warm and cold time periods affected the West Antarctic Ice Sheet? What does this mean for present and future sea levels? In a bid to find the answers to these questions, fifty researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) are currently on their way to the Amundsen Sea, having departed from Punta Arenas (Chile) on February more here.

Take a look around, we can't wait to hear what you think!