“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” — Jacques Cousteau

We want everyone to be aware of the environmental problems our oceans are suffering day by day. The SSI Blue Oceans movement supports the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic environments, including oceans, seas, coasts, and waterways and their magnificent diversity of plant and animal species.


Check out what we are doing

Check out what we are doing


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Responsible Diver Code

We‘re all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources. With our Responsible Diver Code we want to make everyone aware of the environmental problems from the start. We want them to think critically, and take positive action whenever they travel and dive. That’s why the code is displayed in all our digital training materials, as an easy reference any time they read our content.

SSI Blue Oceans — Hall of Fame

You successfully organized a beach clean-up? Proudly tag it! You stopped using plastic bottles? Tag it! You motivated others to help protect our oceans? Tag it!
Every action counts, so upload your photo to Instagram or Facebook with #blueoceans or mention@blueoceansprogram and it will automatically appear in SSI Blue Oceans Hall of Fame.
Take action today and show that you care!

Recommendations for Divers

You can actively protect your underwater world by learning about the underwater ecosystem and practicing proper buoyancy control on every dive. SSI has developed some useful programs to help you improve your skills.

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Perfect Buoyancy

Glide through the ocean effortlessly, extend your dive time, reduce your air consumption and more with the SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty. No matter what your diving interest, having perfect buoyancy is the key to success. Start this essential specialty course now!

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해양 생태학

여러분은 바다에 매료되어있나요? 여러분이 다이빙하는 놀라운 해양 환경에 대해 더 많이 알고싶은가요? SSI 해양 생태학 스페셜티 프로그램을 통해 수중 자연주의자가 되어 흥미 진진한 해양 생태 과학에 대해 배울 수 있습니다. 다이빙 실력을 높이십시오. 지금 SSI 해양 생태학 스페셜티 자격증을 취득하십시오!

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상어 생태학

많은 사람들이 상어를 두려워하지만 경외심을 불러 일으키는 이 생물은 건강한 바다에 필수적인 존재이며 함께 다이빙하기에 매우 훌륭합니다. SSI 상어 생태학 스페셜티 프로그램에 참가하면 상어와 안정하게 다이빙하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.

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바다 거북 생태학

바다 거북이는 여러분이 지금까지 함께 다이빙한 동물 중 가장 매혹적인 동물입니다. SSI 바다 거북 생태학 스페셜티 프로그램을 통해 그들에 대해서 자세히 알아보세요.