Baby Swim teaches parents to work with their babies on water safety and swimming skills. After 9 months in a safe environment, babies have a natural affinity to water. Early introduction to the water will have a significant impact on babies’ comfort and skills in the water.
By using the calming and sensory effect of water, Baby Swim is a wonderful parent-baby bonding program.
The goal for all SSI swim programs is water safety. Children need to independently learn how to safely move in the water. Age appropriate learning of basic swim skills will provide the foundation for learning swim strokes.
SSI Level 1 teaches children to safely move in and around the water.
Small classes are the key to learning. This allows children to learn and improve at their own pace. Comfort in the water, breath control and learning the correct strokes are the focus.
SSI Level 2 is our most comprehensive swim program. Children learn the techniques for successfully using all four swim strokes - freestyle, back, breast and butterfly.
No prior experience, no problem. Adults without any prior swimming experience are placed in small groups of adults with similar skills. Regardless of their ability, all swimmers are encouraged to learn and improve their techniques.
This Program focuses on teaching adults by using masks, fins and snorkel to build trust and comfort in the water. Then, one by one, we elimate those tools until the adult can successfully move through the water.

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