Cave Diving Instructor

Leave the daylight behind! Explore further, push your boundaries and create a career from teaching Tec divers. Become an SSI Cave Diving Instructor and teach the things you love. Start this SSI course now!

Facts and Training Standards

Share the thrill of the daylight zone, explore the world’s best underwater caves and train the next generation of cave divers! You can do it all as an SSI Cave Diving Instructor! With our range of SSI Instructor certifications, you can choose cave diving training that meets your needs and ambitions.

Become an SSI Extended Range Cavern Diving Instructor and you can certify both SSI Recreational Cavern/Cenote diving and Extended Range Cavern Diving courses. Leave the daylight behind and explore further! Become an SSI Cave Diving Instructor. You will learn how to safely penetrate caves on a single line, undertake basic navigation, and deal with problems in this extreme environment. Once certified, you can conduct the SSI Cave Diving program.

Ready to join the ranks of elite dive instructors? Become an SSI Full Cave Diving Instructor and dive the most challenging environments there are. This is the ultimate in overhead environment training.

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Età minima per partecipare 18
Disponibile come corso Junior No
Età minima (corsi Junior) Not applicable / mandatory
Prerequisiti di certificazione Not applicable / mandatory
Numero di sessioni di teoria 4
Numero di sessioni in piscina/bacino delimitato 1
Numero di immersioni in acqua libera 2
Profondità massima per l’addestramento 40m / 130ft
Durata consigliata del corso d’addestramento 20 h

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