CCR Diving

Do you dream of the underwater silence CCR diving can bring? The SSI CCR Diving program provides the knowledge and experience you need to plan and conduct no-decompression diving to a maximum depth of 30 meters / 100 feet using closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR).

Expand your diving with this exciting SSI Extended Range course!

Facts and Training Standards

The SSI CCR Diving program introduces you to the concepts of self-sufficiency and redundancy when diving with closed-circuit rebreathers. Learn to independently plan and conduct limited no-decompression diving to a maximum depth of 30 meters / 100 feet using the SF2, JJ, Poseidon, AP, or rEvo rebreather.

Become completely self-sufficient with SSI’s unique training techniques and CCR diving skills. In this SSI Extended Range course, you will learn CCR dive planning, in-water skills, problem-solving techniques, and emergency scenario management. With this thorough introduction to rebreather technology, you will become comfortable with pre-dive checks, dive planning, and assembly of rebreathers, and how to deal with potential failures. Discover the silence that CCR diving offers by starting online today!

Età minima per partecipare 18
Numero di sessioni di teoria 7
Numero di sessioni in piscina/bacino delimitato 1
Numero di immersioni in acqua libera 6
Profondità massima per l’addestramento 30m / 100ft
Durata consigliata del corso d’addestramento 40 h
Progam is available for these Rebreather Units rEvo, SF2, JJ, Poseidon, AP

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Your CCR Diving Certification Options

The SSI CCR Diving certification is just the beginning of your CCR diving adventures! With our range of CCR diving courses, there are no limits to your CCR diving ambitions and goals. Sharpen your CCR diving skills and learn how to go CCR decompression diving up to 45 meters deep with the SSI CCR Extended Range Diving course.

Ready to take your rebreather training even further? Get certified to conduct unlimited decompression dives up to 60 meters deep. Your adventures as an SSI CCR Technical Extended Range diver begin here.

The SSI CCR Hypoxic Trimix certification is the pinnacle of CCR diving. Use all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience from your previous training and push your limits to the extreme. This program qualifies you to execute dives using a minimum of three bailout cylinders to a maximum depth of 100 meters / 330 feet.

Whichever CCR diving course your choose, you will take your diving knowledge to the next level and gain more confidence in every aspect of your diving adventures.

From learning about gear set-up to exploring the deepest, furthest reaches of the underwater world, SSI CCR diving certifications will meet your needs.

Take your Rebreather Training Further

Maximize the use of your closed-circuit rebreather by continuing your training beyond the no-decompression diving limit. Take the next step and become a CCR Technical Extended Range or CCR Hypoxic Trimix diver. Expand your rebreather training by trying the Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather with the SCR Extended Range program. With our range of diving courses for rebreathers, there are no limits to your diving ambitions and goals.

Learn technical diving with SSI

SSI has developed specific training materials with exciting, cutting edge manuals developed by industry professionals with decades of technical diving experience. As with all SSI programs XR is designed to fit your schedule. Training is flexible to match your goals and objectives.

With the range of SSI XR open circuit programs providing training in either sidemount or twinset configurations, you can develop your skills up to a maximum depth of 100 meters / 330 feet. During your XR program your instructor will cover everything from supreme buoyancy, propulsion, equipment management, and effective decompression.

Learn how to extend your dive times by joining the growing community of Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather divers. With both no-decompression and decompression programs available on this light-weight, simple unit, you will never look back to blowing bubbles again.

Explore the silent world with the SSI closed-circuit rebreather programs. With a continuum of training programs available from 30 to 100 meters / 100 - 330 feet on either the rEvo, JJ, SF2, AP Inspiration, or Poseidon CCR units, you can find the perfect pathway that suits your diving needs. You will learn and master new skills designed to enhance your safety and enjoyment using this new equipment design.

Academically you can advance your knowledge and understanding of principles, procedures and theories specific to diving safely in an overhead environment. Explorers will love the SSI overhead program options of either diving in a wreck, cave or mine. You will adapt your existing equipment or be introduced to new equipment concepts and the technically oriented dive configuration to make exploration of the overhead environment safe and rewarding.

SSI has invested in the development of specific technical diving training materials with exciting, cutting edge manuals that include review sessions, a specific XR logbook, and wetnotes. All XR programs and training materials were developed by industry professionals with decades of XR and technical diving experience. As with all SSI programs, XR works to fit your schedule. Training is flexible to match your goals and objectives.

Featured destinations ideal for rebreather diving

Proper skills and experience are your ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites. MyDiveGuide connects divers to the world’s largest Dive Site Database with more than 10,000+ named dive sites, including Wildlife Maps. Here are some of the world’s Top Dive Sites for Extended Range Rebreather Divers. Go explore, seek thrilling underwater experiences, and create amazing lifetime memories with fantastic sidemount, technical diving, and hypoxic trimix adventures using a rebreather.