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Freediving Instructor Programs

Freediving offers exciting new adventures: unlimited possibilities of thrilling actions, demanding challenges, but also peacefulness and relaxation! No matter if you are diving to 5 or 15 meters or even deeper, you and your students will enjoy the beautiful underworld in complete freedom and silence. Freediving is for all ages and adds a high level of physical fitness. You enjoy a truly new diver experience, undisturbed of breathing noise or heavy scuba equipment. All travelers will also appreciate the light free diving gear.

If this sounds like you, simply enroll in the Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC) and learn how to provide, “The Ultimate Freediving Experience.”

SSI offers three level for freediving: One – 10 to 20 meters. Two – 20 to 30 meters and Three – 30 to 40 meters. To acknowledge different experiences with freediving SSI has different options to start a freediving instructor career.
Please ask directly at your SSI center for all possibilities.

Freediving Assistant Instructor

Teach basic Freediving independently and assist Freediving Instructors in the open water.

Freediving Instructor Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

The path to Freediving Instructor is also possible over Freediving levels.

Freediving Specialty Instructor

Taking a specific number of SSI Specialties and
continuing your pursuit of dives, allows you to
earn higher levels of diver ratings.

Freediving Instructor Trainer

Achieve the highest level in Freediving and teach Instructors in all levels.