Extended Range Instructor Trainer

Do you want to inspire the next generation of technical diving instructors and enhance your dive career? Become an SSI XR Instructor Trainer! With this globally recognized certification, you can conduct SSI XR Instructor-level training courses, XR Instructor training courses, and XR Dive Professional Crossover programs.

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Infos et Standards de formation

SSI XR Instructor Trainer Seminars provide all you need to conduct professional-level SSI XR courses. With SSI’s progressive training, you can increase your XR Instructor Trainer qualifications as you teach, to become an XR Instructor Trainer for open-circuit, rebreather and overhead environment diving.
Inspire the next generation of dive professionals. Get started today!

Âge minimum pour participer 21
Available as Junior Program Non
Minimum Age (Junior Program) Sans objet / obligatoire
Pré-requis à la certification Sans objet / obligatoire
Nombre de séances théoriques 3
Nombre de séances Piscine/Milieu protégé 1
Nombre de plongées Milieu naturel 1
Profondeur maximum de formation 45m / 145ft
Durée suggérée pour la formation 70-80 h

Inspire the next generation of XR Instructors with SSI