Devenez Instructeur Cave Diving

Partagez le frisson de la lumière du jour, explorez les meilleures grottes sous-marines du monde et formez la prochaine génération de plongeurs spéléo. Tout cela est possible en tant que moniteur de plongée spéléologique SSI ! Grâce à notre éventail de certifications d’Instructeur SSI, vous pouvez choisir une formation en plongée spéléologique qui répond à vos besoins et à vos ambitions. Commencez votre carrière de plongeur spéléo dès maintenant !

Obtenez des qualifications plus élevées et développez vos compétences

Qualify for various Extended Range Instructor ratings and enhance your SSI Professional career! Teaching the Extended Range programs which interest you the most is more fun and opens up the perfect opportunity to generate more income as an instructor. But that is not all. By pushing SSI training on all levels, you will automatically qualify for professional recognition ratings such as Master Instructor and collect valuable Pro Rewards for each certification you issue. These valuable rewards are worth real money, which you can use to further your career!

Développez vos compétences pour faire avancer votre carrière

Ready for more adventure? Immerse in our Extended Range Instructor courses. These qualifications provide more diversity, flexibility and new income options. Love wreck diving? Get certified as an SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor then challenge yourself to earn the ultimate certification - the SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor. You will train divers to conduct decompression wreck penetration dives up to 80 meters with confidence and skill. Rebreather diving is a sport for true pioneers, and we have a range of SCR and CCR Instructor courses. Get started with the SSI SCR Instructor program and follow your passion! Ready to inspire future instructors? Become an SSI Extended Range Instructor Trainer. Whichever course you choose, you can start online now!

Explore career opportunities for dive professionals worldwide

Stop waiting, start exploring and turn your XR diving passion into a career! MyDiveGuide is a unique dive site database with over 10,000 dive sites, thrilling specialist dives and idyllic featured destinations. These are the places where SSI Professionals have great job opportunities! Ready to live your ultimate dream? Check out MyDiveGuide and live your dream with SSI!