Manta And Ray Ecology

Diving with mantas and other rays is one of the most sought-after dive experiences and is not to be missed! In this program, you’ll learn how to safely interact with rays as a diver and recognize different ray species. You’ll learn about the vital role rays play in ocean ecosystems and earn your SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Specialty certification.


Diving with mantas, meeting curious stingrays or being surrounded by mobula rays is an experience divers dream of. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. In the SSI Manta and Ray Ecology Specialty, you’ll learn how to safely interact with rays and recognize different ray species when you dive. You’ll be taught about the vital role rays play in our ocean ecosystems and why these precious animals need our protection. Upon completion, you will earn your SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Specialty certification.

Âge minimum pour participer 15
Available as Junior Program Oui
Minimum Age (Junior Program) 6
Pré-requis à la certification Not applicable / mandatory
Nombre de séances théoriques 5
Nombre de séances Piscine/Milieu protégé Not applicable / mandatory
Nombre de plongées Milieu naturel Not applicable / mandatory
Profondeur maximum de formation 30m / 100ft
Durée suggérée pour la formation 3 - 6 h



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