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Family Fun

Discover mysterious underwater worlds as a family—and reap many benefits.

diveSSI Image: family01Very few things in today’s world bring families together - but diving lessons and diving vacations can accomplish it!

Diving pleases both the young and the old.
Scuba and snorkeling are unique activities in that they are exciting not only for children: diving school is a thrilling challenge for parents, too. Adults and children alike stay interested in learning important diving skills through fun courses. Then the whole family – children, adults and best agers - is able to hop into some of the world’s most gratifying waters, together. The unifying quality of scuba is often overlooked, but diving vacations can be some of the most enjoyable and bonding times that a family can have.

Diving is a healthy pastime for all ages and genders.
A natural stress-reliever, scuba and snorkeling allow you to be physically active while in a soothing setting. Many high-stress execs have sought comfort in diving vacations and underwater worlds. Diving also becomes a way that relaxation can coexist with family time. And for children who love video games and TV, the fascination with life on the ocean floor is perhaps one of the few things left that can inspire them to be active and engaged in the natural world.

diveSSI Image: family02Afraid of being underwater while you’re responsible for children?Diving school is available for the whole family through SSI-certified Dive Centers and Dive Resorts, so you can become comfortable with the water in scuba diving lessons that are great fun themselves. Learn at your own pace while spending enjoyable, quality time with your family.

Read on to get inspired about the underwater experiences you could have with your family - or see our Dive Center and Dive Resort list to choose from thousands of locations worldwide for learning to dive and diving vacations.

SSI is the right partner on your way to become diver. Because SSI is the only training agency which makes Dive Professionals teach through an authorized SSI Dive Center or Resort which ensures proper quality training. With more than 40 years of experience, millions of successfully trained divers, training materials in more than 30 languages and an international Dive Center and Dive Resort Network, there should be no doubt for you to dive with us!