Extended Range Cavern Diving

Dream of diving the clear waters of a Mexican cenote? Of exploring caverns in the Mediterranean? Become an SSI Cavern Diver and discover the thrill of leaving direct access to the surface behind! Learn all you need to independently plan and conduct cavern penetration dives within the light zone to depths shallower than 40 meters.

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Datos y estándares de formación

The SSI Cavern Diving course teaches you how to use cavern diving equipment, gas management concepts, and buddy team skills to safely conduct cavern penetration dives. Get certified to go cavern penetration diving within the light zone to depths less than 40 meters. From the grandest cenote to the widest cavern, becoming a cavern diver allows you to experience it all.

Edad Mínima para Participar 16
Disponible como programa para niños No
Edad mínima (programa para niños) No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Requisitos previos de participación No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Cantidad de Sesiones Académicas 7
Cantidad de Sesiones de Piscina/Aguas Confinadas 1
Cantidad de Inmersiones en Aguas Abiertas 4
Máxima Profundidad de Formación 40m / 130ft
Duración Sugerida del Programa de Formación 12 h

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SSI Extended Range Cave Diver

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