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A significant portion of children today lack the ability to swim well enough to survive an accidental immersion in water too deep to stand. This means that more and more children are at risk of drowning.

Divespot of the Month June

The uniquely named “Blindsee” is a lake located at 1,093 meter above sea level, about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) southwest of the town of Biberweir in Autria. It is privately owned by the Mohr Life Resort in Lermoos, and has no outlet or drain, which is likely the source of its name.

Prejudice of Sharks

Fear of sharks is common, mainly sparked by sensationalized stories, stereotyping and films depicting them as dangerous killers. Much of the information we hear is misleading, and it may surprise you to hear that humans are in fact a shark’s most deadly predator, killing more than 100 million sharks per year with overfishing, illegal fishing or for their fins.

Specialty of the Month: Deep Diving

Many great dive sites are found in deep waters! Discover wrecks below 18 metres, places where only few have explored before!

Biomimicry – Innovation From the Ocean

Biomimicry is a branch of industry and science that uses innovations, gained from researching natural ecosystems and organisms, to develop new and more efficient technologies, medicines, and industries.

Divespot of the Month May

The Flamenco Hausreef

Specialty of the month may

Increase your safety and awareness: Go for the Stress & Rescue specialty