Divespot of the Month March

Aliwal Shoal-Scottburgh South Africa - A breathtaking Marine Protected Area with incomparable diversity is waiting!

Get to know the mighty blue whale!

The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth! These incredible mammals can grow between 24-30m in length, and the largest recorded was 33.5m, with females usually growing up to 10m bigger than males.

History of the Wetsuit

Jack O’Neill was a passionate surfer, who wanted a way to extend the length of time he could spend in the cold Pacific oceans waters he called home.

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How much do you know about seahorses?

‘Seahorse’ is the general name given to the small fish from the Hippocampus genus, so-called due to its distinctive, horse-like head and neck.

The World’s Best Deep Diver

Anyone who has never experienced the true scope of the ocean’s depth might be astounded if you told them what the world record is humans who dive deep.

The New Ecology Programs

We are proud to announce the online release of the new SSI Ecology programs: Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, Coral Identification and Marine Ecology.