The Dive Spot of the month „Tobia Arba“ / „the 7 pillars”

The Seven Pillars is one of Egypt’s most popular dive sites, and is located in the Bay of Safaga. The name is derived from the Arabic words “Tobia”, a proper noun, and “Arba”, which is the number four.

Wreck Diving

Many wonderful dive sites are artificial reefs or wrecks sunk through the ages. Diving on wrecks means diving in to the past. It’s an unbelievable experience to see a big ship from a bird's-eye view and to glide towards the captain's bridge.

The Ocean’s Greatest Shark

The whale shark is the largest living shark on the planet, as well as the ocean’s largest fish. It belongs to the same Order as the sedate nurse sharks you have probably seen on many of your ocean dives.

Freediving – Feeling the Ocean

A freediver, also called a breath-hold diver, takes a single breath of air at the surface, and completes their entire freedive with the oxygen provided by this breath. The technical term for this action is apnea, or “without breath”.

Jellyfish – Graceful beauty or poisonous danger?

Jellyfish is a common name given to a variety of species of cnidarians, which are a multi-celled marine organism with a basic neural structure. Their name comes from the jelly-like composition of their body tissues.

Divespot of the Month July

This month’s Divespot of the Month is the Protected Marine Area of Portofino, Italy: a 13km strip of coast known for its stunning landscape and incredible, uncontaminated nature! When diving here, there are many animal species to be found as well as special geological formations.

Speciality of the Month - Photo & Video

There are so many beautiful underwater colors and so much wonderful sealife to see on your dives. Capture the sights and sounds of these special moments with SSI’s Photo & Video specialty!