Dive Spot of the Month October

The dividing line between the American and European continental plates is found in western Iceland. The process of continental drift between the two plates has created a crack called Silfra, which is located in the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

Dry Suit Diving

Have you ever thought about diving during autumn and winter in colder climates? Then Dry Suit Diving is the course for you!

Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching is a reality currently devastating reefs throughout the world. This creates not only problems for underwater ecosystems, but also problems for over 100 million people who are directly dependent on coral reefs.

Divespot of the Month - Bikini Atoll

The Bikini Atoll, called "Pikinni” by the locals, is a collection of 23 islands covering 6 square kilometers (2.3 square miles) that belong to the Marshall Islands.

Waves, Tides and Currents

SSI has a wide range of specialty courses available, have you ever considered checking out ‘Waves, Tides & Currents’? If you dream of gliding with the current and watching sharks or dolphins at the same time then this course is perfect for you!

The Dive Spot of the month „Tobia Arba“ / „the 7 pillars”

The Seven Pillars is one of Egypt’s most popular dive sites, and is located in the Bay of Safaga. The name is derived from the Arabic words “Tobia”, a proper noun, and “Arba”, which is the number four.

Wreck Diving

Many wonderful dive sites are artificial reefs or wrecks sunk through the ages. Diving on wrecks means diving in to the past. It’s an unbelievable experience to see a big ship from a bird's-eye view and to glide towards the captain's bridge.