In early September 2017, Hurricane Irma – a category 5 hurricane with record-setting wind speeds – tore through the Caribbean, leaving absolute devastation in its wake.

Families and island communities were left without shelter, access to clean water, or any way to contact the outside world.

Fortunately, the humanitarian response was swift, and several organizations are already providing aid and relief to those affected by the storm, but they need your help.

SSI believes that we have a responsibility to support those in need, especially when they include members of our own family of dive centers, resorts, and dive boats.

Please consider donating to organizations already working to help those in need. Your donation will provide much needed resources to help rebuild these communities.

100% of donations will go toward the relief effort.

Wondering who to support? Here’s a few suggestions:

SSI does not represent any aid or relief organization or fundraising effort. If you have questions about how your donation is used, please review the applicable organization’s website.