Specialty of the Month: Diver Stress & Rescue

Increase your safety and awareness on a dive with our Diver Stress & Rescue specialty.

This course will help you to be prepared and aware in order to avoid, recognize and solve problems both on the surface and underwater if they ever arise.

During the course, you will take part in a combination of academic and in-water sessions in the pool as well as in the open water. You will learn about what stress is, its causes and prevention, detecting and dealing with stress, accident management, skills to deal with panic and rescues and conditions which could complicate rescues in order to prevent accidents.

To take part in this specialty you will need to have valid First Aid and CPR which are not older than 2 years. Oxygen Provider certificates are recommended.

The Diver Stress & Rescue specialty is a rewarding course which teaches you some very useful skills, creating an all-round more confident and aware diver.

For more information see our video and contact your nearest dive center to find out when the next course is!