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Join the Mission Deep Blue Today and Become an Ocean Ranger Now!

An initiative by SSI + Shark Project International

The world’s oceans are fading a little more each and every day. The reasons are simple – overfishing, garbage and run-off, oil extraction and other hazards to these fragile eco-systems. From the surface, everything seems healthy, but divers can see the difference. Now, we need to do something about it. So, we are forming an alliance to protect the places we all love to dive.

Mission Deep Blue is clearly defined – as a diver you only have to do one thing: become actively involved! This is NOT another environmental initiative that will collect signatures. With Mission Deep Blue, you will become actively involved in protecting what we all love – the colorful reefs and the marine life that needs them to thrive.

Your contribution will go directly to the projects. More information can be found here: Misson Deep Blue - The Campaigns or Ocean Ranger Web TV

How to become an Ocean Ranger?

Login with your Diver or Dive Professional Credentials here: Login

If you do not yet have a Login, you can register - free of charge - here: register

If you prefer the paper way: download the Ocean Ranger Application form here. download application form