RESA veröffentlicht Rebreather Training Standards

RESA, der Rebreather Ausbildungs- und Sicherheitsverband, der die renommiertesten Rebreather-Hersteller der Welt vertritt, hat vorige Woche eine Reihe von Mindesttrainingsstandards für alle Levels des Rebreather-Trainings veröffentlicht.

Specialty of the Month: Diver Stress & Rescue

Increase your safety and awareness on a dive with our Diver Stress & Rescue specialty.

Become a Dive Pro

MySSI App: Using QR codes

With the launch of our new MySSI app, new QR code features are available that makes it easier to log dives. The QR code function allows you to save registered dives from your buddy in your logbook, save your diving partner easily in your buddy list and to take dive sites from the database.

Specialty of the Month - Perfect Buoyancy

Perfect Buoyancy is one of the first steps towards becoming a good diver.

Specialty of the Month - Navigation

Have you ever asked yourself, "How does my instructor manage to find the way back to the exit point or to the boat?"

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

2017 has been a very exciting year for SSI and there's even more to come in 2018!