Visited Wrecks can be displayed on Wreck Diving Certification Card

SSI is constantly striving to improve its services; therefore, we are happy to announce another new feature, especially for Wreck and Advanced Wreck Diving. From now on, the "Visited Wrecks" can be optionally displayed on the Wreck and Advanced Wreck Diving Certification Cards. During the certification process, the Training Center can enter one wreck for each training dive which will then be displayed on the diver’s Certification Card. Due to limited space, the maximum amount of characters per wreck is limited to 20. In case divers wish to have more than one card to display all the wrecks they have visited, the Training Center can issue Upgrade Cards with the additional wrecks listed. Clients may wish to have their "wreck collection" displayed on their Certification Cards - this is now possible! Have fun to collect your personal Wreck Diving collection! Are you interested in Wreck Diving and want to do the SSI Specialty Course. In our Center Locator you can find all centers which offer this training. The SSI Wreck Diving Certification Card