SSI Announces New Certification Card Design

At the beginning of August 2022, divers will notice a new and improved layout of the SSI Certification Card (C-Card). The back of all SSI C-Cards will display a fresh, modern look containing the same essential information needed for proof of certification.

The C-Card’s font side will still display SSI’s stunning underwater photography and certification level designation.

The newly designed information side of your SSI C-Card will have your MySSI profile picture prominently displayed in the upper left corner and your personal QR code in the bottom right corner. 

Have your buddies or SSI Training Center scan your QR code for quick access to your dive profile.

The C-Card will also display:

  • Your name.
  • Your current number of logged dives.
  • Date of your initial scuba certification.
  • Certification level for that C-Card.
  • Certification ID number.
  • Any other SSI data pertinent to your certification.

Get ready for every adventure with the NEW SSI Certification Card.

With the new SSI C-Card design and MySSI App, you will be ready for every dive adventure, no matter where it takes you! 

Remember, you can access all of your SSI C-Cards, no matter how many you accumulate, within the MySSI App. This App gives you 24/7 access to all of your certifications and digital learning materials.

You can log every dive with ease in MySSI, check out dive conditions and dive site locations, and access your digital logbook at all times.

You can also find the nearest SSI Training Center to where you will be adventuring, so you know precisely who to go diving with. 

Log into your MySSI account to ensure all of your personal data is current today!