Go Freediving: Top 5 Deep Diving Pools in Europe

It is hard to wipe the smile off your face after an amazing day of freediving. The sensation of a nice breath-hold, the feeling of water on your face, and the excitement of a new personal best make us addicted to this incredible sport. And you know what else? There are tons of exciting freediving opportunities to keep you in the water all year - even at the heart of cities. Many of the best deep diving pools are in Europe’s vibrant cities. They are easy to access, with warm waters and a dazzling array of facilities – making them a must for any keen freediver. Read on to discover our top five deep diving pools to visit now.

What to Expect from Deep Diving Pools.

These are the essential things any freediver will look for in a training session, but they are not always easy to get:

  • Warm and heated water.
  • The freedom of using the thinnest wetsuit you have (maybe no wetsuit).
  • A chance to focus on your technique.
  • Feeling the highest level of in-water comfort.

Thankfully, all of this and more are waiting for you in deep diving pools!

Deep diving pools are unique freediving environments that concentrate the best of all conditions under one roof. 

It is fair to say that a pool is not going to give you the sense of adventure you get from diving in the ocean. However, a different type of experience full of fun and excitement is waiting for you in these places. 

For those who want to improve their freediving abilities, especially during the cold season, these places are the best in the world for becoming a better freediver. 

Focusing on different freediving specialities, learning the details, and practicing them as much as you would like is easy in deep pools. Luckily, there are plenty of pools all around the world to choose from, offering some of the best freediving experiences you can have.

Here are the top deep diving pools in Europe that are popular among freedivers worldwide.

1. Dive4Life, Germany.

If you are looking for the sunken city of Mayans in the middle of Germany, you are at the right place! freediving courses for people who would like to make the most of this unique facility.

2. Marepolis, Spain

scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving all year round. They have two swimming pools, one reaching down to 20m depth and the other designed to excel in shallow water training. 

These deep diving pools are kept at a cozy 26°C. The modern structure of Marepolis also includes classrooms, a restaurant, a big dive shop, technical services, and a chill-out zone. 

If you would like to add a freediving stop to your Madrid tour, we believe Marepolis is an excellent choice. 


3. Nemo 33, Belgium.

Brussels, the capital of Europe is also the home of one of the deepest pools in the world, at 34.5m deep.

Y-40 The Deep Joy opened its doors to divers in 2014 and became the deepest thermal pool at that time. 

Y-40 quickly became the meeting point of Italian freedivers, along with travelers looking for different experiences. 

The facility runs 90-minute-long freediving sessions from Tuesday to Sunday every week. We highly recommend you book your place before you visit as it can get pretty crowded in Y-40.


5. Deepspot, Poland.

You may know Poland for its deep history and beautiful cities, but this country also has the deepest pool in Europe - with an astonishing 45.4m depth. 

The construction of Deepspot started in 2018 and the facility opened up its doors in December 2020. 

It held the Guinness World Record of being the deepest pool in the world for some time and gained popularity among all divers regardless of the restrictions coming with Covid19.

It is built as a multi-purpose diving simulator with a variety of training environments including caves, a shipwreck, and a blue hole covered with warm, crystal-clear waters.